Pet Insurance

Progressive auto customers with Comprehensive coverage have built in

Pet injury coverage. As us about getting your auto coverage through Progressive if your best friend navigates from the passenger side of your vehicle.

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We have set up a referral program for our customers with Pets Best  pet insurance company.  Pets Best offers pet health insurance for Cats and Dogs. Their plans cover unexpected accidents and illnesses and they also offer an optional wellness plan.  Pets Best was founded by Dr. Jack  Stephens, a licensed Veterinarian that founded the pet health insurance industry of North  America in 1982. 

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Email a  digital photo of your  favorite pet and we will add your pet to our pet slide show..

Pet Health insurance

Because your pets are members of your family.

According to Pets Best claims data, four out of five pets experience an unexpected accident or illness in their lifetime. Caring for a pet's chronic illness such as allergies, diabetes or arthritis can cost several hundred dollars a year. Cancer treatments and orthopedic surgeries can cost thousands of dollars. Pet insurance is a great way to ensure your able to pay for veterinary care if your pets get an unexpected accident or illness.