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Franklin Mutual  to report a claim

Call agent

201 768-9086 

See below

Amtrust Insurance

Call Agent 

​201 768-9086

see below

Mercury Insurance +

Report auto claims directly

then call agent with any questions

800-503-3724See below

Met LIFE Auto and Home 

Call Agent 201768-9086 or800-854-6011

Progressive + Below

Palisades Insurance +

call number on back of id card


See Below
Hartford FloodCall agency 201-768-9086

Workers compensation carriersComplete WC claim form in policy packet


Report your claim as soon as reasonably possible. The most important thing is that your health and safety are a priority. If you want to report your claim after hours, you can call the carrier or report your claim online. Call our office during office hours to have any questions answered. Note that some of the auto carriers prefer you to call them direct. These carriers are indicated by a + symbol.

Water Damage from a Broken Pipe

Remove or protect any valuables and belongings if you can. Take pictures of any damaged items, especially if you remove them from the area.

Do not throw anything away until the adjuster comes out. Blot or mop any excess water until you can get a professional to clean up.

If you need help cleaning up the water, please call our office. We have a list of professionals that can help you properly mitigate the water damage. 

Proper cleaning and mitigation can protect your home from mold and other issues relating to water damage. 


What to Do at the Scene of an Auto Accident

  1. Stop immediately, but do not obstruct traffic. Stop in a safe place. 
  2. Assist injured. Have someone call the police, ambulance if needed, repeat after 5 minutes.
  3. Secure name addresses and phone numbers for all drivers, witnesses and any passengers if possible
  4. Secure make, model and license numbers of all cars involved.
  5. Make rough drawing of scene and/or take photos of scene and damage to your car and other vehicle.
  6. Don't hastily accept claim settlement at scene of accident
  7. Remain calm, courteous and consistent in your version of the accident
  8. Notify your insurance carrier/agent as soon as possible. See above information.
  9. If you have a body shop you can arrange for an estimate. Do not make repairs until an adjuster has seen your vehicle. 
  10. Need a rental car, call our office for information on your coverage's.
  11. You may have questions or concerns about your claim, even after reporting your claim to the carrier directly, please feel free to call our office for assistance or clarification

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