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Welcome to  the Michael J. Hochron Insurance Agency  Auto insurance quotes and information page. If you are looking for auto insurance you have landed at the perfect spot. While we always recommend calling our office so that we can create a personal auto insurance plan for you; we get it; you want a premium quote right now! Please feel free to click the link below and get a preliminary quote with 1 of our 6 available Auto Insurance carriers. After you receive your preliminary quote, we can  quote you with all of our carriers, review auto quotes to ensure that you have the  Auto coverage that meets your needs and make personalized  recommendations about Coverage and cost savings . Did you know that all insurance policies are not alike?  There can be great differences from carrier to carrier even if it looks like the same coverage. That is why we are here to help you navigate your way through the differences. We will help you  make a well informed Auto insurance purchase.  Each piece of your Personal insurance portfolio is important to us, we want to make sure proper protection is in place for you and your family.

Other specialty  coverage available includes: motorcycle, snowmobile, yacht and boat coverage as well as antique automobile coverage. Some carriers even offer discounts when you write your Home,  auto and  motorcycle with the same carrier! We can also place your coverage through multiple carriers finding the best overall package price for all of your coverage.   Call our office at  201-768-9086 for more information.

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Are you a renter? Ask me about a cost saving tenant endorsement on your auto. 

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Remember we can provide you with quotes from multiple companies within our office so we can find 

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 We are available to help you choose the best coverage for your personal needs. Call our office for a consultation with one of our professional agents.  

Business hours: Monday Through Friday 9-5pm Closed Friday in July and August. 

In order to allow us to provide you the best service, we recommend making an appointment for consultation on a new business policy. Thank you     Call Today!  201-768-9086    

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Plymouth Rock Perks:

Plymouth Rock has introduced some exciting perks for policyholders. These perks are add on bonuses and all auto policy holders are eligible..

- Pinstripe Perks: Yankees fan benefits for Only $20 per year  Please call agency for full details this package is very exciting

- Prudential fan benefits- $14 per year for Devil;s fans , and more. Please call the agency for full details of this amazing fan package

​College perks program: Penn state Alumni will want to get in on this perk package.. Please call the agency for full details. We are...

excited to share these benefits with our  current and future Plymouth rock Customers.

 Our agency works with Auto carriers that discount to teachers  and other specialty groups. We also have carriers providing special rates and packages for bundling, special organization membership, longevity with your previous carrier, and so many other scenarios. Discussing your options with an agent means you will be able to get the most value for your insurance dollar.

 Call our office to work directly with an agent and get quotes from multiple carriers and the guidance of an agent.